Tips on home addition planning from an expert remodeling company

There are many reasons for a person to want to add a new room to their existing property. However, to get the best results from your renovation project, aside from hiring an expert remodeling company, you also need to consider your options and know what you want. Listed below are some ideas on how to plan the expansion.

Make a wish and be careful
One of the first things that you should do when planning a room addition to your property is to make a list. Put down what problems you want the new room to solve and what will be its new purpose. After the list is ready, rank the requirements by the order of priority. This will help the contractor of your choice in things like plumbing, wiring, and location. You might want to check before you make the list about what can you built on your property as some states have certain rules about home additions.

Use space efficiently and don’t be afraid of angles
When planning the dimensions of the new room, you should think about space efficiency. Although additions are meant to expand the living area, they don’t need to be big. A good way to efficiently use space is to steal from adjacent rooms like closets and hallways. You can also make the shape of the room more interesting if you position it at an angle that breaks up the rectangular facade. This way, you can add interesting exterior elements to your home.

Blend old and new with deft details
Choosing to make the new addition resemble the remaining part of the property is not always possible or desirable. In such cases, you can choose different materials of the same tones and vintage. This helps to break the monotony of the facade. You should also be careful to repeat the architectural features of the old sections in the expansions. This helps to blend in the old with new without creating dissonance.

Planning the addition of a new room to your home helps to achieve the desired by the owner’s’ effect. Aside from saving time and money, it also gives a chance to try more nonstandard things like changing the angle of a room or using new materials. If you would like to learn more about home renovation contact a professional remodeling company such as A.C.E Carpentry in Dayton, VA.